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The aim of the Seminar: 

This seminar aims to provide knowledge for the researchers (master students, PhD Students, academics and researchers) who target publishing articles in SSCI/ESCI index journals regarding the nature of qualitative research, methods, design, data collection process, trustworthiness and data analysis techniques. Thus, the researchers can deepen their perspectives for conducting qualitative research.

The Content

  • Why is qualitative research necessary? (It will be explained based on theoretical differences)
  • What are the qualitative research methods?
  • How can a researcher create a qualitative research plan? And why is the plan essential in the initial stage of the research?
  • How can a researcher create research questions? What is the importance of developing these questions in the qualitative research process?
  • What are the data collection techniques? (The Process of Interview, Observation, Documentary Analysis will be explained)
  • How can a researcher ensure the quality and trustworthiness of qualitative research?
  • How can a researcher analyze data?

The Learning Outcomes

  • The participants (hereafter they) can compare quantitative and qualitative methods
  • They can design qualitative research
  • They can use data collection techniques
  • They can have knowledge regarding the nature of qualitative research and the role of researcher. 
  • They can manage the qualitative research process and they can write article by using qualitative research. 
  • Master and PhD students can use the research in their dissertations. 
  • The participants can have knowledge about publishing in well-known international journals. 

This program is 10 hours and the registration fee of this seminar is 150 EUR. There are limited registration opportunities (Maximum number of participant is 20). Please check the registration page for completing your registration. 

Please send an e-mail to OR if you request a seminar for your group/society/organization. 

The Seminar Schedule: It will be announced when we open this seminar.