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Who Can Attend for This Seminar? 

This seminar is for individuals who aim to publish in well-known international journals. Thus, this seminar is open for any academic level (master students, PhD students, academics and researchers). 

The Content of The Seminar

This seminar includes the following contents: 

  • How to start the process?
  • An article structure
  • What do the authors need to consider in the writing stage?
  • The language of an article: Providing examples for academic writing
  • Review an article after an author finishes the writing of the paper
  • Review process
  • Be reviewer for your article 
  • What do editors and reviewers consider in the review process? 
  • The revision process of an article (After minor and major revision)
  • Promoting your paper to the academic platforms

The Learning Outcomes

  • The participants have knowledge about writing an article for SSCI index journal. 
  • The participants can design a paper for SSCI index journals. 
  • The seminar increases the rate of acceptance in the SSCI index journals.
  • The participants can know the methods regarding how to promote their research in academic platforms.

This program is 10 hours and the registration fee of this seminar is 100 EUR. There are limited registration opportunities (Maximum number of participant is 15). Please check the registration page for completing your registration. 

Please send an e-mail to OR if you request a seminar for your group/society/organization. 

The Seminar Schedule: It will be announced when we open this seminar.